Lucca (lucca_ashtear) wrote in avatar_cards,


Hello community members! I apologize for the lack of traffic, but hopefully that will change soon. Here are some updates:

* The community's look has been given an overhaul. The layout was created by the talented agnikai. Thanks again!

* Some general navigation links have been added to the sidebar. I plan on adding a "Where to buy" section soon for those looking for online stores that carry the card game.

* The first Expansion for the Avatar TCG, called "Path of Enlightenment" is set to be released in November.

* Upper Deck Entertainment has released it's second game in the "QuickStrike System" brand, Pirates of the Caribbean. These two card games are compatible with each other and may be used interchangably.

* Burger King restaurants have started an Avatar: the Last Air Bender promotional tie-in with their kid's meals. Eack Kids meal contains an Avatar themed toy and exclusive promotional card. There are a total of eight. A page on Upper Deck's website has some more details

That's all for now! Be sure to check back often for more Avatar TCG news! Also, more information will be added to the community info page soon, I promise!
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